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I am a Bulgarian photographer and image editor who now resides and works in the UK. My work focuses on aesthetics, beauty, and the feelings that specific situations, people, locations, and ideas may evoke. I've been fixated on immortalising moments ever since the first camera phones were released.
I sharpened my skills and developed a great eye for capturing the beauty and passion in the world around us as I gained years of experience working behind the camera. "It is an illusion that photographs are taken with the camera... they are taken with the eye, the heart, and the head," writes Henri Cartier-Bresson. This is the guiding principle for my photography.
My collection features a wide variety of subjects, but they all have one thing in common: the capacity to stir feelings and tell a tale. I aim to produce photographs that speak to people and leave a lasting impression, whether it's through the use of light, composition, or a caught moment.
But that's not where my enthusiasm ends. I am constantly searching for fresh and intriguing chances to expand my creative horizons and advance as an artist. I'm always seeking for fresh challenges to keep my work exciting and fresh, whether it's a fascinating new location to explore, a different style of photography to pursue, or a novel notion to realise.

Photography Prices

Full Day from £600

Minimum booking from £150

Example package*  £50

*Includes: 5 shots with all average editing settings which are made following standard automotive poses and positions standards.

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