About Photographer for hire

Making it easier to find professional photographers in the UK

Our mission is simple: Help connect clients and photographers in a better way. What’s better?  An easier way to search for photographers, filter by location and speciality, view photography portfolios and prices. Better because you can contact and speak with photographers directly, we just help you find them.

We’re a small team with a passion for photography, technology, business and marketing and want this platform to generate value to all its users. We work hard to ensure a seamless and fair experience for everyone. We hope you find this platform useful and if you have any comments or suggestions we’ll be glad to listen.


I came up with the idea for this platform during the UK’s first lockdown. At that point in my life I’d been a working photographer for about 16 years and a digital marketer for about 5. Lockdown meant that I immediately lost a third of my income but I felt very lucky to have marketing work to keep me going.

The idea of helping photographers get more work felt like a goal worth pursuing. I believed it could be helpful for all sides involved and do good.

The original Photographerforhire.co.uk was website I built for myself before my daughter was born. It served me well over the years and got me regular photography bookings. I got to the point where I couldn’t take the work on and was referring it to other photographers. It made sense to expand this into something bigger, something that could be shared with others and can scale.

I hope that this website helps you find what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a photographer, I hope you find the right photographer on these pages. If you’re a photographer looking for more work, I hope you find it through this platform.

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Odi Caspi - Founder


Is it free to use Photographer for Hire?

Photographerforhire is a completely free service for clients looking for a photographer. The photographers pay a membership fee to showcase their work on the site, after their free trial. We don’t charge photographers a commission for bookings, so photographers aren’t pushed to charge more.
Can we pay through the platform?

This isn't currently possible. Your bookings, payments and all communications are done directly with your chosen photographer. Our role is to help you find photographers you like.
How far do photographers travel for shoots?

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the job, the bigger the distance that photographers would be happy to travel.
For example: For a full day job paying over £1000, many photographers would be happy to travel for a couple of hours. For a small 1 hour job, you’d probably want to look in your local area.
Each photographer will have her or his travel distance preferences so contact your favourite photographers and ask them.
What is a fair price for photography?

As you’ve probably noticed, photography prices vary a lot. Each photographer sets a price that reflects their experience, work put it, costs and their level of demand.
There’s no absolute wrong or right with prices. Keep in mind the cheaper doesn’t mean better and factor in your budget.
Do photographers go through a vetting process?

Not really. While we require a basic level of professionalism to be reflected from the work, we cannot vet the photographers, check references or verify identities. There are many talented photographers listed on Photographer for Hire, but please use your own judgment and common sense when booking and meeting with people you don’t know.
How are the bookings confirmed?

As bookings are done directly with the photographers, this will vary depending on their booking process. Some photographers will charge a fee in advance, or ask you to sign a contract.
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