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Profile photo for Michael Donald Photography

Michael Donald Photography

Originally from Belfast I’ve been based in south east England for twenty-five years. I tell...

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Profile photo for Gary Conway

Gary Conway

Gary is a UK based Advertising, Portrait and Fashion photographer, with clients ranging from high...

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Profile photo for Agenda Brown

Agenda Brown

Capturing individuals with a cinematic scale, Agenda regularly uses the environment to provide...

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Profile photo for KRULA PHOTOGRAPHY


In my eyes, photography is more than a job; it's a journey of continuous learning and connection....

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Profile photo for Andy Go

Andy Go

Hi there! I'm Andy, born in a city and country that have gracefully made their exit from existence...

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Profile photo for Data Images

Data Images

Hi, my names is Krystian Data and I'm the founder of Data Images. I am a husband and a proud father...

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Profile photo for Lee Christiansen

Lee Christiansen

Marketing yourself, your company, your events and your public image has never been so important....

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Profile photo for William Walsh Photography

William Walsh Photography

Hi, I'm William, a Photographer & Film-Maker with over 20 years experience behind the lens. I...

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Profile photo for Nigel R Glasgow

Nigel R Glasgow

Based in London and Chippenham, I am a dedicated photographer specializing in crafting compelling...

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Profile photo for Peter Otto

Peter Otto

Besides my studio gigs, I love hitting the road for shoots and recently got into video too. I'm...

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Profile photo for Bexphoto


Hi, I'm Bex! I specialise in storytelling brand photography for vibrant businesses. I love working...

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Profile photo for Lorentz Gullachsen

Lorentz Gullachsen

I am a very experienced advertising and portrait photographer, based in Warwickshire and work...

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Profile photo for Evolve Portraits

Evolve Portraits

I have had the pleasure of capturing thousands of families over the last 18 years in a studio...

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Profile photo for Studio K Photography

Studio K Photography

Welcome to Studio K Photography. I am an Event and Headshot Photographer and my style is candid...

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Profile photo for Simon Keats

Simon Keats

I provide high-quality and diverse photography services for a wide range of clients, from blue chip...

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Profile photo for MiniAperture Photography

MiniAperture Photography

Hi! I'm Laura and I'm a commercial photographer. I help businesses to showcase their best assets...

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Profile photo for Leon Britton Photography

Leon Britton Photography

Within the expansive, unique surroundings of the Secret Warehouse in Liverpool, from our studio, we...

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Profile photo for Moments by Katie Mitchell

Moments by Katie Mitchell

Hello! My name is Katie and I’m a family photographer based in Gloucestershire. I’m here to...

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Headshot photographers specialise in a type of portrait photography called headshots or head and shoulder. Headshot photos are usually split into two types

  • Actors headshots
  • Business headshots

Actors headshots are usually lit in a specific way, which is quite dramatic and flattering. Actors headshot photographers usually use very shallow depth of field to focus on the actors eyes while the rest of the photo is more blurred.

Business headshots or corporate headshots can vary quite a lot in style. Business headshot portraits can be used by companies to show the team, by individuals looking for a professional photo for their CV or Linkedin profile and by entrepreneurs and business leaders who need the photos for publicity.

A good headshot photograph helps the viewer instantly connect to the person in the photo and creates a sense of familiarity.

Headshot photography FAQs

How are headshot photography sessions usually priced?

Most headshot photographers have set prices and options for headshots photos. This is because these sessions tend to be quite structured.
Sessions can range from a single headshot sitting for one person, to having different changes and also shoots multiple headshots for large teams.

Keep in mind that even if a headshot photoshoot only takes 20-30 minutes, the photographer will take time setting up before the session, as well as processing and delivering the photos to you. Generally speaking, the more people are having their headshot taken, the cheaper per person it becomes. Most of our headshot photographers have given price guides so you can know if they are within your budget. You can contact any photographer from here to get a more accurate quote and find out more details.

How long will a headshot session take?

Headshot sessions can take as little as 20-30 minutes in front of the camera, to 1-2 hours per person. This will vary depending on any clothes and background sessions that you might want. Also, often the headshots are taken as part of a longer portrait session when the photographer might also capture full length and top half photos of you, combined with some closer frame headshots.

Acting headshot sessions will usually take longer than corporate headshots, as the headshot plays a more important role for actors and they need a greater variation of photos.

We recommend discussing your needs with the photographer, who’ll be able to advise on how to structure the sessions.

When capturing headshots for large teams, it’s also possible to spend 5-10 minutes with each person, if you’re looking for simple headshots in the same setup.

Are headshot photos retouched?

Some headshot photographers retouch their photos, often smoothing out skin and removing certain elements. Most good photographer will capture a flattering image that requires little retouching if any at all. It’s a personal choice for you and the photographer and we always recommend discussing any potential post production work in advance to align expectations.

You can book Headshot photoshoots by clicking on the photographers profiles above to view galleries and to contact them driectly prices, information and bookings.

How to pick the right Headshot photographer

Looking for Headshot photographers? Find the right photographer, who will capture Headshot photos the way you want. Each Headshot photoshoot has a different brief and style. That’s why we’ve built Photographerforhire.co.uk so you can easily find and contact local Headshot photographers.

Each photographer brings their own vision and perspective. Our motto is to champion each photographer’s unique style and creative approach, helping you find and connect with the right photographer for your shoot. You can filter photographers, refine your search by location and view galleries to find the best Headshot photographers for you.

Contact each photographer directly through their page. Good communication is improtant when working with a photographer, so do give as much detail as you can about your project. We hope you enjoy the amazing photography on this website and find photographers you want to book and hire. Good luck with your photoshoot!