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Profile photo for Katie Howey Studio

Katie Howey Studio

I’ve been working as a professional product photographer for almost 14 years, starting out in a...

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Profile photo for Pete Muller photography

Pete Muller photography

I have been shooting for over 20 years and there is not much i have not covered. I am a very...

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Profile photo for Stephen Conroy Photography

Stephen Conroy Photography

Hi - I am a London based Food & Drink photographer & director. I have been commissioned by...

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Profile photo for Giulia Sansone

Giulia Sansone

Commercial and product photographer with a passion for showcasing local businesses through her...

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Profile photo for PR4Photos


I am a professional photographer, based in sunny Cornwall. My background is as a press...

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Profile photo for Studio Dog

Studio Dog

Robin Newbon is an accomplished product photographer with over 17 years of experience in the...

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Profile photo for Agata Pec

Agata Pec

Agata Pec is a London based still life photographer specialising in advertising, product and...

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Profile photo for Vosaportraits


Healthily obsessed with photography and putting it to its best use. Just contact me and I will...

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Profile photo for John Ferguson

John Ferguson

I’m a premium branding, editorial, portrait and lifestyle photographer. I am based in the sunny...

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Profile photo for Andras Hari

Andras Hari

My name is Andras Hari, I am a commercial photographer based in London. Specialising in...

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Profile photo for Callaghan Studios

Callaghan Studios

With over 25 years of experience, i've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from small...

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Profile photo for Loud Photography

Loud Photography

Commercial and portrait photographer covering the north east of England with a studio in...

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Profile photo for Timothy Eliot Spurr Photography

Timothy Eliot Spurr Photography

I'm a London-based photographer with a social documentary background. My work focuses on...

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Profile photo for Suzanne Bainton Photography

Suzanne Bainton Photography

Hello, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work. Imagery is the first thing potential...

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Profile photo for Francois Boutemy

Francois Boutemy

Photographer: Francois Boutemy Languages: French, English and learning Greek Studio...

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Profile photo for Marcin Chojnacki

Marcin Chojnacki

Hi, My name is Marcin and I have a love of photography that started over 15 years ago. What I...

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Profile photo for Stefan Oprea Photography

Stefan Oprea Photography

Stefan is a professional jewellery and watch photographer who seamlessly blends precision and...

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Profile photo for Soda Visual

Soda Visual

Born in the same year that Sony released the “Walkman” (that already makes him cool in my...

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Commercial photography is probably one of the widest and broadest photography types and can refer to many related disciplines. Generally speaking, commercial photographers are photographers who’s images are used to promote business, products and services.

For example, wedding photographers are not commercial by nature as their photos are for personal use. Portrait photographers can be both commercial or personal.
A few photoshoot types that are covered by commercial photography include

As opposed to other types of photography, commercial photography is very hard to pin down. The one overall common thread with most commercial photographers is that they create photos that help sell and grow business revenue by looking clean, clear and having a wide appeal with audiences.

Commercial photography FAQs

How do commercial photographers set their prices?

Like with any photoshoot, commercial photographers will set their prices based on the amount of work involved. This includes the time on the shoot as well as preparation work and post production. Most commercial photographers will also consider the image usage with higher fees usually associated with advertising photographer and other high exposure commercial usages.

Do commercial photographers need to be booked far in advance?

While you might be able to book a last minute commercial photoshoot, we recommend contacting photographers well in advance. Keep in mind the most commercial shoots require preparation and photographers’ schedules can be busy.

How long do I need to book a commercial photographer for?

A commercial photoshoot can take anything between half a day to a full week. Discuss your goals with the photographers and give as much information such as the number of shots, different looks you’re after, any lighting and effects and of course post production. A commercial photoshoot can take a lot more time to set up than to shoot so keep in mind that the team could be working a lot longer than the actual shoot time.

Is commercial photographer retouched?

Because the goal of commercial photography is to sell or promote a product or service, it is quite common to use some level of retouching to ensure the image looks appealing. This will vary depending on the photographer and the brief. We always recommend discussing post production with photographers as this can develop into a job of its own.

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How to pick the right Commercial photographer

Looking for Commercial photographers? Find the right photographer, who will capture Commercial photos the way you want. Each Commercial photoshoot has a different brief and style. That’s why we’ve built Photographerforhire.co.uk so you can easily find and contact local Commercial photographers.

Each photographer brings their own vision and perspective. Our motto is to champion each photographer’s unique style and creative approach, helping you find and connect with the right photographer for your shoot. You can filter photographers, refine your search by location and view galleries to find the best Commercial photographers for you.

Contact each photographer directly through their page. Good communication is improtant when working with a photographer, so do give as much detail as you can about your project. We hope you enjoy the amazing photography on this website and find photographers you want to book and hire. Good luck with your photoshoot!