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Profile photo for Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

A portrait photographer with 30+ years in front of the camera, based near London-in Kent. I...

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Profile photo for Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron is an award-winning photographer based in London, working throughout the UK and...

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Profile photo for Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders

I’m a portrait specialist with 20+ years experience, based in Sheffield. I have photographed...

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Profile photo for Michael Donald Photography

Michael Donald Photography

Originally from Belfast I’ve been based in south east England for twenty-five years. I tell...

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Profile photo for Marcus Hessenberg

Marcus Hessenberg

A creative professional photographer with over ten years of experience working with both film and...

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Profile photo for Gary Conway

Gary Conway

Gary is a UK based Advertising, Portrait and Fashion photographer, with clients ranging from high...

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Profile photo for Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Michael Wright is a London-based hair, beauty & fashion photographer; passionate about creating...

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Profile photo for KRULA PHOTOGRAPHY


In my eyes, photography is more than a job; it's a journey of continuous learning and connection....

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Profile photo for Dani Riot

Dani Riot

I am a photographer based in London, working in Portraits and Fashion. My work tends to lean...

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Profile photo for Vosaportraits


Healthily obsessed with photography and putting it to its best use. Just contact me and I will...

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Profile photo for Andy Go

Andy Go

Hi there! I'm Andy, born in a city and country that have gracefully made their exit from existence...

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Profile photo for Data Images

Data Images

Hi, my names is Krystian Data and I'm the founder of Data Images. I am a husband and a proud father...

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Profile photo for Chik Chak Photography

Chik Chak Photography

ChikChak is a property marketing agency based in London, offering services to clients all across...

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Profile photo for Cat Brant Photography

Cat Brant Photography

I've been producing high end editorial style images for your wedding or event and truly show...

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Profile photo for Loud Photography

Loud Photography

Commercial and portrait photographer covering the north east of England with a studio in...

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Profile photo for Robin Niedojadlo

Robin Niedojadlo

Open to any budget size! just send a message and we can discuss :) Robin Niedojadlo is a...

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Profile photo for AML Photography

AML Photography

I have been taking photographs for the last 20 years and I find beauty everywhere. I always try to...

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Profile photo for Kan Lailey

Kan Lailey

Whether I'm shooting in the studio or on location, my aim is to create striking, authentic images...

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Portrait session in the studio

Book a photoshoot in the studio with some of the UK’s best portrait photographers.¬†Here’s why many people prefer shooting portraits in the studio.

Studio portraits – Ultimate control of lighting

Headshot & Portrait Photographer Isleworth Middlesex
Painting with light, a strong headshot portrait by KRULA Photography, a London based headshot photographer.

The photo studio is a control environment where photographers can use lighting to create different effects. With no interference from the elements, and professional photography a good photographer can create a variety of light setups.

Studio portraits – privacy

If you’re a little bit shy or get distracted easily, shooting on location can be difficult as you might have people passing near, commenting and in some cases even taking photos with their phones. By opting for a portrait session in the studio, you’ll remove external distractions so that both you and the photographer can concentrate on creating the best images.

Studio portraits – using backdrops

Chris Saunders, a published portrait and band photographers in Yorkshire.
Band portrait in the studios by Yorkshire’s maverick portrait photographer, Chris Saunders.

If you’re shooting in a photo studio, you can make use of studio backdrops. You can use a plain backdrop or other backdrops that the studio has to offer. Portraits taken again a plain backdrop focus on the person in the photo without distractions from the environment around them. It’s just a person with nothing around them.

Studio portraits – Shoot in any weather

While it’s a lot of fun having pictures taken outside, you’re reliant on the weather and the time of day. When booking a portrait session in the studio, you’d don’t have to worry about rain, cold temperatures or the light disappearing towards the end of the day.

Book studio portrait photoshoot

We’ve collated some incredible portraits photographers, who are all at home in the studio. You can contact any photographer directly and they’ll be glad to help.

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