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Profile photo for Jason Saunders Photography

Jason Saunders Photography

My name is Jason Saunders, your versatile portrait and travel photographer based near London,...

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Profile photo for Oscar Lumley

Oscar Lumley

I'm a college dropout turned passionate photographer with a love for adventure. I've worked with...

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Profile photo for Jerry Tremaine Photography

Jerry Tremaine Photography

Jerry Tremaine, music and travel photographer has spent 20 years perfecting his craft. With a...

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Profile photo for Maryna Sulym

Maryna Sulym

Hi, my name is Maryna and I am a portrait and travel photographer. My goal is to help you get the...

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Profile photo for Poppy Hollis Photography

Poppy Hollis Photography

Poppy is a Kent based photographer specialising in Travel Interiors, Portraits, Events, Lifestyle...

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Travel photography FAQs

What kind of photos can travel photographers capture?

Travel photographers usually have other specialities too. They can be good at capturing landscapes, portrait and outdoor action and lifestyle photography. With a keen eye and understanding of travel industries, they can help you capture captivating images of locations you’re looking to promote.

How do travel photographers prices their photoshoots?

While every photographer prices differently, this will usually be a mixture or their time shooting, and prep work, post production work and image use. As a general rule of thumb, photographers can take into account the amount of exposure and scale of use. For example, an advertising campaign for a large airline company might cost more than and editorial for a local publication.

What does post production include in travel photographs?

Post production is a general term to image processing and retouching that can happen after the photos are captured. Processing is what photographers to to convert their camera’s raw images to jpeg or tiff files. During this process, photographers can adjust the brightness and tone of the images and can also layer certain filters to make the images look more vivid and dramatic.

Retouching involves image manipulation. For example, if the sky is cloudy and you want to replace it with blue sky. All photographers prefer to capture the best images without retouching but some things (like the weather) are outside their control.

Photographers might include some level of processing and deliver a final set of adjusted images. We recommend discussing deliverables when talking to photographers as some post productions work can become a job of its own.

Does the weather have to be good when booking a travel photographer?

As photographers are capturing outdoor shots, the weather will affect both the quality of light and how appealing the locations look. It’s best to consider the weather when booking a travel photographer for commercial purposes.

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Looking for Travel photographers? Find the right photographer, who will capture Travel photos the way you want. Each Travel photoshoot has a different brief and style. That’s why we’ve built Photographerforhire.co.uk so you can easily find and contact local Travel photographers.

Each photographer brings their own vision and perspective. Our motto is to champion each photographer’s unique style and creative approach, helping you find and connect with the right photographer for your shoot. You can filter photographers, refine your search by location and view galleries to find the best Travel photographers for you.

Contact each photographer directly through their page. Good communication is improtant when working with a photographer, so do give as much detail as you can about your project. We hope you enjoy the amazing photography on this website and find photographers you want to book and hire. Good luck with your photoshoot!