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Profile photo for Stephen Conroy Photography

Stephen Conroy Photography

Hi - I am a London based Food & Drink photographer & director. I have been commissioned by...

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Profile photo for Lena Otvodenko

Lena Otvodenko

Hi, I'm Lena - awarded food photographer and food stylist based in London. With my years of...

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Profile photo for Giulia Sansone

Giulia Sansone

Commercial and product photographer with a passion for showcasing local businesses through her...

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Profile photo for Clive Sherlock Photography

Clive Sherlock Photography

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my profile. My name's Clive Sherlock (a handy surname as...

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Profile photo for PR4Photos


I am a professional photographer, based in sunny Cornwall. My background is as a press...

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Profile photo for Alessandro Pietrosanti

Alessandro Pietrosanti

Hi, I'm an Italian photographer based in the UK, and I have a passion for capturing real and...

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Profile photo for Charlie Bard

Charlie Bard

Charlie Bard is a London-based commercial food photographer with a passion for capturing the...

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Profile photo for Imago Photo & Video

Imago Photo & Video

Tuncsel Ulku, works as an independent advertising photography and videography artist based in...

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Profile photo for Callaghan Studios

Callaghan Studios

With over 25 years of experience, i've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from small...

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Profile photo for xcvi


With over 15 years of extensive experience in the realms of Product, Food, Interiors, and...

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Profile photo for Antonio Franco

Antonio Franco

Based in Liverpool, available all over UK. 17 years experience on a wide range of subjects...

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Profile photo for Amelia Johnson Photography

Amelia Johnson Photography

Amelia is a seasoned professional food and hospitality photographer with over 15 years of...

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Profile photo for Glenn Dunbar

Glenn Dunbar

Glenn is an accomplished photographer with over 20 years of experience shooting for top brands...

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Profile photo for natalie tkachuk

natalie tkachuk

I am a creative still life photographer with a focus on capturing images of food, interiors. My...

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Profile photo for Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Yorkshire based Commercial Photographer specialising in product photography, food photography and...

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Wiltshire based food photographer, working across the UK and beyond! Shooting at Client's...

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Profile photo for Stu Williamson Photography

Stu Williamson Photography

Stu Williamson is a photographer known for his expertise in commercial photography. He was born in...

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Profile photo for Francesca Poncetta

Francesca Poncetta

Hello! My name is Francesca, I am a freelance photographer with a strong focus on concept...

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Book professional Food photography

Because food is such a unique subject to photograph, most good food photographers will be specialists who dedicate most of their work to capturing incredible food shots.

Many food photographers are also foodies themselves, and will have a good understanding of food preparation, styling and propping. Food photography can be taken in a studio, a kitchen-studio or on location (restaurant, hotels etc…)   where food can be photographed on its own or with a relevant backdrop.

Some food photographers set up elaborate lighting to bring out the qualities of the food with maximal control, while others prefer daylight for a natural soft look.

Food photography FAQs

Where can a food photography session take place?

Many food photographers have access to a studio with a kitchen where you can photograph food. Food photographers can also travel to your restaurant, pub or hotel and need photography for your menu.

Do I need a food stylist?

We recommend discussing this with your photographer. Often the chef can arrange the food for the shots, but sometimes working with a food stylist can elevate the shots further. Many food photographers style the shots themselves, so it’s best to ask.

How is food photography priced?

As much as we’d like to give set prices, photographers vary greatly in style and experience and also photoshoots vary. You can view guide prices for most photographers on this page. These prices can give your a rough ballpark figure but for an more accurate quote contact the photographers with more information about your photoshoot.

What does post processing include in food photography and are food photos retouched?

Most photographers will include some level of post processing, converting RAW images from the camera into jpegs or Tiffs and adjusting colours and brightness. Some photographers might use tools like photoshop to further enhance images, removing imperfections or creating effects. This varies greatly between photographers and their style of shooting. Not all post processing work is included with the shoot price and we recommend to enquire about this in advance.

How do I book a food photographer?

All the food photographers can be contacted directly with any photoshoot enquiry. They’ll be glad to answer questions and give you a quote for your shoot. We facilitate a direct connection with the photographers so that you can communicate freely via email, phone or in person.

You can book Food photoshoots by clicking on the photographers profiles above to view galleries and to contact them driectly prices, information and bookings.

How to pick the right Food photographer

Looking for Food photographers? Find the right photographer, who will capture Food photos the way you want. Each Food photoshoot has a different brief and style. That’s why we’ve built Photographerforhire.co.uk so you can easily find and contact local Food photographers.

Each photographer brings their own vision and perspective. Our motto is to champion each photographer’s unique style and creative approach, helping you find and connect with the right photographer for your shoot. You can filter photographers, refine your search by location and view galleries to find the best Food photographers for you.

Contact each photographer directly through their page. Good communication is improtant when working with a photographer, so do give as much detail as you can about your project. We hope you enjoy the amazing photography on this website and find photographers you want to book and hire. Good luck with your photoshoot!