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Alessandro Pietrosanti 
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Southend-on-Sea, Essex

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Hi, I'm an Italian photographer based in the UK, and I have a passion for capturing real and authentic moments through my lens. I specialise in different styles of photography, including food, interior, headshot, street, and weddings.

My philosophy is simple; I always tell the truth through my photography, no matter the style. I want my photographs to represent the reality in front of me and use my point of view to tell its story. I'm committed to providing my clients with real, true images that stand out in a world of fake pictures.

I'm eccentric and love to take my time perfecting each shot. My motto is "no stress, no rush," and I always strive to improve my skills by attending classes with some of the world's best photographers.

Despite being based in the UK since 2015, I remain true to my Italian roots, infusing my work with a touch of Mediterranean flair. I mainly offer my services to B2B clients, but I also specialise in capturing the essence of weddings for B2C clients.

If you're looking for a photographer who can help you elevate your brand with authentic and captivating images or capture your true story on your wedding day, I'm your guy.

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