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Amelia is a seasoned professional food and hospitality photographer with over 15 years of experience working with chefs, creatives and producers around the world. Having worked in the Middle East, Africa and America, her journey has led her back to her roots in beautiful Dorset, where she works from her studio nestled in an orchard. This is mostly a prop and lighting store however, as she works all over the South of England, in London, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Sussex and beyond.

Amelia has a long list of clients, spanning from renowned agencies like Leo Burnett and Bombas and Parr to iconic food brands such as Kraft, Papa John's, Costa Coffee, and Pizza Express. She also loves working with smaller local and artisan food producers and restaurants.

Amelia's keen eye has earned her a reputation for delivering captivating imagery that goes beyond the ordinary. Her photographs exude energy, precision, and an unmistakable touch of the extraordinary.

With an unwavering passion for her craft and a keen eye for detail, Amelia pushes the boundaries of food photography, crafting visuals that tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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