Business Portraits on Location

These days content is king and many professionals want a good corporate portrait to help them promote their brand.
The most common route is a headshot on a white background.
These photos are usually taken in a studio or a portable studio. I do many of these and they are always nice and predictable.
Because the light is controlled it can be replicated and can have a flattering effect.
If your personal profile plays a key role in the brand perception, it’s also worth considering a more editorial approach to the photography.
Portraits on location, preferably with natural light, tend to stand out and engage the viewer.
If you photo is good, there is better chances that it will be featured when sending out press releases.
Corporate Portrait Highgate

These two business portraits were taken on location in north London. Though we used a white background the use of natural daylight gives a flattering and appealing look t0 the photo. This is effects is most pronounced in the eyes.

Editorial Business Portraits

The abstract, out of focus building makes for an interesting background. This business profile photo was taken in the City of London.

Business Portraits for PRWe took a few photos on the street outside the client’s office and a local coffee shop kindly agreed that we sit in for this editorial business portrait.
Casual business portraits Business Portraits LondonBig windows in this client’s offices allow for these natural business portraits.