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Dartford, Kent

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As a professional photographer, I have over a decade of experience in the industry specializing in cars, motorsport. Additionally, I am proficient in digital image retouching, digital artistry, directing photography, and art direction.

I have worked with renowned brands such as BMW, Honda, Subaru, car restoration garages, logistics companies, and motorsport teams across the country to produce marketing assets.

My portfolio showcases my passion for anything on two, four or more wheels.

I am proud to say that my clients have rated me with a 5-star rating on TrustPilot.
I am grateful for the trust that my clients have put in me, with roles ranging from producer to art director, photographer, director of photography, and image retouching.

Photography Prices

Alexandru Cristian's prices exclude VAT

Full Day from £800

Minimum booking from £800

Example package*  £5000

*Includes: Every project and client needs are unique, this example will not apply to all the clients.The price of the package is for a professional photoshoot of 2 days where we shoot 10 total final images with the outside of the car and 5 with the interior.Final image implies that the image,for this price example, is heavily retouched and ready for print and social media, marketing.For more details and accurate pricing based on your project and needs, contact me and let's have a talk.Thank you.

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