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Camden, London

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Photographer with a UNIQUE approach - offering a life-changing Photo Experience. Step into my cozy studio where we begin with a tea ceremony, followed by guided movement practices, culminating in capturing the most authentic, beautiful, and relaxed version of you.
Explore the transformative "PhotoExperience" package available on my website.

Additionally, I specialize in standard portrait photoshoots, whether outdoors or in my central London home studio, catering to personal branding, social media, musicians, and more. Professional headshots are also within my repertoire.
Furthermore, I offer reportage photography services for events.

About me:
With over 7 years of experience in various photography-related professions, my journey began when I first held a camera, and everything clicked into place. I have seamlessly integrated my diverse experiences into my work as a photographer.

- Professional international model with extensive work for numerous brands and participation in shows for Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and others from 2014 to 2020.
- Producer involved in producing photo and video projects, including music videos, as well as working as a location manager for film and advertising shoots in Moscow from 2020 to 2022.
- Facilitator organizing and conducting diverse events, from women's circles to dance and movement practices, and creating the project "View from Within," which encompasses guided walks and practices with closed eyes since 2020.
- Posing Instructor with an original workshop program focused on posing and self-expression in front of the camera, teaching dozens of individuals my unique methodology for authentic and natural posing.

Photography is not just my profession - it is my passion. Feel free to approach me with any questions, and I'll gladly offer creative ideas and solutions!

Photography Prices

Full Day from £500

Minimum booking from £140

Example package*  £270

*Includes: Portrait photoshoot Your perfect photoshoot — I will help you create several authentic impressions of yourself. Great for social media, personal brand or self discovery - 2 hours photoshoot at my home studio or any another location - Joint concept creation - Authentic posing guidance and tips - 40+ edited and retouched photos - Photo delivery within 7-14 days by personal online gallery

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