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Hackney, London

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With a decade of experience as a London-based Event and Portrait photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing a diverse range of subjects, from Conferences and Multi-National Corporations to Law Firms, Brands, Politicians, and Celebrities.

Throughout my photography journey, I've had the opportunity to delve into various niches, including corporate events, interior, fashion, and portraiture. These experiences have honed my focus primarily on corporate events such as conferences, black tie dinners, product launches, panel talks, and headshots for both corporate entities and private individuals.

Portraiture holds a special place in my heart as it allows for a more intimate connection with the subject. I've found that many of my clients express discomfort in front of the camera, often admitting to a distaste for being photographed. Therefore, my primary goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment during sessions, ensuring that my clients not only feel at ease but also leave with a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

In addition to providing a personalized experience, I offer services such as Studio Lighting, Next-Day or Same-Day Delivery, and Skin Retouching upon request. My ultimate aim is to not only deliver exceptional results but also to make the entire process enjoyable for my clients.

Photography Prices

Full Day from £1600

Minimum booking from £250

Example package*  £250

*Includes: Event Photography Package: Duration: 1 hour Coverage: Comprehensive event documentation Editing: Includes editing and color correction Final Edits: 50 edited images Suitable for: Corporate events, special gatherings Portrait Photography Package: Duration: 1 hour Coverage: Personalized portrait session Editing: Basic editing, color correction, spot removal Final Edits: 10 edited images Additional option: Skin retouching available upon request

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