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Ben Adams Photography took flight in 2017 when I made the leap from Oxford to Leeds. That move wasn't just a change of scenery—it marked the start of turning my photography passion into a full-blown business.

At first, my camera was all about snapping shots of family gatherings and my furry friends. But soon, I saw the potential to do more. I wanted to blend my love for photography with something meaningful, so I started doing photoshoots to support the RSPCA. It felt great to do what I loved while giving back.

The response was incredible. People loved the photos and kept coming back for more. So, I decided to up my game and went to Leeds City College for a photography degree. It was an awesome experience that refined my skills and gave me a deeper appreciation for the art.

Now, I'm my own boss, and the sky's the limit. I'm not just about taking pictures of families and pets anymore. I'm diving into all kinds of projects, even experimenting with videos. It's all about pushing myself and exploring new ways to tell stories through images.

Every shoot is an adventure, and I'm always up for a challenge. Whether it's capturing special moments with families, goofing around with pets, or helping businesses showcase their vibe, I bring my A-game. My goal with Ben Adams Photography is simple: to capture the realness and beauty of life, one image at a time.

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