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I have been taking photos for over 50 years and enjoy photography more now than ever. I enjoy wedding and portrait photography, beleiving that they enhance each other. I teach photography to local photography groups and provide mentoring to some local phortographers. I beleive that an image is made and not snapped.
I retired from my previous business, a first aid training company, during 2020. Now I have the time to enjoy travel photography, and my professional photography work.
I qualified as a 3rd Dan in TaeKwonDo in November 2022 and teach this twice a week. I have been a First Responder for West Midlands Ambulance Service for 18 years and do about a 100 hours a week on call for them.

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Full Day from £500

Minimum booking from £100

Example package*  £300

*Includes: A 3 hour portrait session with 200-300 minimally edited photos

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