Headshot session in the studio

Actress Eleanor Rushton came over to get her new Actor headshots. She was great to work with and I was struck by her penetrating blue eyes!
There are many photographers that specialise in acting headshots on Photographerforhire.co.uk. Headshot are a type of portrait, focusing only on the head and shoulders with strong eye contact. Actors headshots typically use a shallow depth of field, with sharp focus on the eyes and the focus dropping off and becoming softer on the rest of the face. This draws the viewers attention to the straight to the eyes. The acting headshot format has been around for a while and these types of shots are used by casting agencies around the world. Photo format is usually a 10×8 ratio, which is a remain of classic large format film cameras.

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Acting headshot in the studio with natural window light.


Different types of headshot photography

Though all headshots capture the same thing in essence, a photo of the face cropped at the shoulders, there are different styles of headshots.

Studio headshots for actors

These photos are taken in the controlled environment of the studio where photographers can shape the light with more precision. Some photographers rely on natural light that comes through large windows. This give a soft even light which can be very appealing. Other photographers use flashes or continuous lighting to sculpt the sitters face with shadows. This technique can often give a classic Hollywood era effect and works well in black and white too.

Acting headshots on location

Some photographers don’t have a studio or prefer to work outdoors. When shoots headshots outside, photographers will often blur the backdrop using lenses with large apertures to focus on the actors and soften all other elements to a blur.

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Headshot photo by Boyd Visuals