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Profile photo for Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron is an award-winning photographer based in London, working throughout the UK and internationally....

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Profile photo for Michael Donald Photography

Michael Donald Photography

Originally from Belfast I’ve been based in south east England for twenty-five years. I tell stories in...

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Profile photo for Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Michael Wright is a London-based hair, beauty & fashion photographer; passionate about creating timeless,...

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Profile photo for Marcus Hessenberg

Marcus Hessenberg

A creative professional photographer with over ten years of experience working with both film and digital...

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Profile photo for Tim Kent

Tim Kent

I am a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer with well equipped studio in central London. I also shoot...

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Profile photo for Agenda Brown

Agenda Brown

Capturing individuals with a cinematic scale, Agenda regularly uses the environment to provide authentic...

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Profile photo for KRULA PHOTOGRAPHY


In my eyes, photography is more than a job; it's a journey of continuous learning and connection. Over the...

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Profile photo for Phil Deacon

Phil Deacon

I have worked as a photographer and graphic designer for around 15 years during which time I have covered...

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Profile photo for Soda Visual

Soda Visual

Born in the same year that Sony released the “Walkman” (that already makes him cool in my book), Romain...

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Profile photo for Dani Riot

Dani Riot

I am a photographer based in London, working in Portraits and Fashion. My work tends to lean more towards...

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Profile photo for Vosaportraits


Healthily obsessed with photography and putting it to its best use. Just contact me and I will work with you...

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Profile photo for Andy Go

Andy Go

Hi there! I'm Andy, born in a city and country that have gracefully made their exit from existence a while...

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Profile photo for Oliver Villegas

Oliver Villegas

London based award winning photographer with +11 years of experience covering Events, Weddings, Engagements...

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Profile photo for Data Images

Data Images

Hi, my names is Krystian Data and I'm the founder of Data Images. I am a husband and a proud father of a...

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Profile photo for Chik Chak Photography

Chik Chak Photography

ChikChak is a property marketing agency based in London, offering services to clients all across the United...

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Profile photo for Timothy Eliot Spurr Photography

Timothy Eliot Spurr Photography

I'm a London-based photographer with a social documentary background. My work focuses on questioning the...

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Profile photo for Robin Niedojadlo

Robin Niedojadlo

Open to any budget size! just send a message and we can discuss :) Robin Niedojadlo is a photographer...

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Profile photo for AML Photography

AML Photography

I have been taking photographs for the last 20 years and I find beauty everywhere. I always try to capture...

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More portrait photographers near London

Most photographers will travel to photoshoots. It's worth considering more photographers near London. Ask photographers about travel and be sure to give details of where and when you're planning your photoshoot.
Lifestyle and event photographer with a background in editorial publishing including Vogue...
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Hi, my name is Amir Wanas and I am a professional headshot photographer from London, I provide a creative...
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Hi my name is Anthony Chan, a wedding photographer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Before I develop my career...
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A portrait photographer with 30+ years in front of the camera, based near London-in Kent. I have...
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Portrait photographers in London FAQs

How much does portrait photography in London cost?

Portrait photography costs in London vary greatly with some photographers offering short session from £100 to other portrait photographers offering full day portrait sessions at over £1000 a day.

Experienced portrait photographers will tend to charge more and of course the length of the portrait shoot and post production work will affect prices too.

What types of portrait photography can I book?

You’ll find portrait photographers in London covering a wide range of portraits shoots including

  • Acting headshots
  • Corporate headshots
  • Corporate portraits
  • Editorial portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Fashion and beauty style portraits
  • Artistic portraits
  • Personal branding portraits
  • Portraits for Linkedin
  • Portrait for dating apps
  • Couple portraits

What should I wear for a portrait photoshoot in London?

It really depends on the type of portrait shoot you’ve got booked but there are several rules of thumbs that are worth considering.

It’s generally best to wear clothes that make you look good without distracting attention away from you. Plain tops are usually a good choice for portraits, as they allow the viewer to focus on your face. If it’s a business portrait or a personal branding portrait, consider what impression you want to give to the viewer.
Strong colours will usually draw attention away from you and it’s best to wear neutral colours that complement your skintone.

Do portrait photographers in London have a studio?

Some London portrait photographers will have their own studio, while others will rent a studio for the day. If you’re looking for studio portraits in London, it’s important to discuss the cost of the studio with your photographer. It could be included in the price and it could sometimes be an additional cost.

Why you should book photographers directly

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When you book a visual creative service like photography the process is collaborative. While some platforms try to commoditise creativity and profit by taking advantage of creatives the loss is for both the clients (those booking the photographers) and the photographers.

When you come to book photography, 9 times out of 10 you will have a specific vision in mind. Your ability to collaborate and communicate with your photographer is what sparks the magic. We want you to immerse yourself in the creative project. The more you put in, the more you get out of your creative relationship.

Photographerforhire.co.uk is the first step in your journey. We play an important part in bringing photographers and those in need of photography together. But we don’t want to interfere. We’re here to help you connect and you can take this connection to your own level of high.

If you’re booking a local wedding photographer, a family portrait or a top commercial photographer, you can find them all here. We ask all our users to treat each other with respect and understanding and hope that your collaboration will lead to the creation of incredible photography that makes you happy.

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