Documentary wedding photographers

Wedding photography is no longer confined to the stiff posed classics of our parents’ generation. Today’s trend of capturing real candid moments during the wedding is a breath of fresh air for wedding photographers and couples alike. Also known as documentary wedding photography, it is uubtrosive and tries to document all the little fleeting little nuances during the day. Rather then constantly direct you and your guests, a candid wedding photographer will walk around and expertly snap when they sense an interesting photo opportunity.

Documentary & Candid Wedding photographers in the UK


Profile photo for Aneta Swoboda Photography

Aneta Swoboda Photography

I like to photograph your Big Day in a very relaxing candid way. You will hardly notice that I am...

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Profile photo for Alessandro Pietrosanti

Alessandro Pietrosanti

Hi, I'm an Italian photographer based in the UK, and I have a passion for capturing real and...

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Profile photo for The Studios Without Walls

The Studios Without Walls

Natural, fun, sometimes a little quirky, but always a fabulous record of your special day. That’s...

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Profile photo for Samantha Newson Photography

Samantha Newson Photography

Hello I'm Samantha, a wedding photographer from East Sussex. I have been photographing weddings...

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Profile photo for C Sams

C Sams

10 years experienced photographer based in Southwest UK, with portable studio so can travel to you...

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Profile photo for Ben Cillard Photography

Ben Cillard Photography

Hi! I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in London. I work out of a studio in Chiswick...

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Profile photo for Zen Lights Photography

Zen Lights Photography

Your wedding day is filled with once-in-a-lifetime moments that deserve to be captured in a way...

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Profile photo for Photography by Karl Drage

Photography by Karl Drage

With almost 20 years of digital photography experience behind me, I have photographed a multitude...

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Profile photo for Photo + Film by Christopher Ian

Photo + Film by Christopher Ian

Hi I am Chris and I am a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer covering the Lake...

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Profile photo for Grant King Photography

Grant King Photography

Having started as a professional Photographer in 2011 as an Ice Hockey Photographer & being...

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Profile photo for bbPicture photography

bbPicture photography

I won't lie I am a true believer in love and Soulmates. Which gives me the opportunity to see and...

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Profile photo for Time Capsule Media

Time Capsule Media

Our favourite thing to do is capture the boundless emotion, timeless moments, love & joy of...

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Profile photo for Jon Fallon Photography

Jon Fallon Photography

With over 10 years experience running around with my trusted Nikon cameras, I’ve been capturing...

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Profile photo for Lusy Klintsova Photography

Lusy Klintsova Photography

I'm a London-based photographer originally from Russia, with a three-year journey in the world of...

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Profile photo for SOMS photography

SOMS photography

Hi, I am Stephane, event and wedding photographer based in London. I have been into photography...

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Profile photo for Rialto Weddings

Rialto Weddings

I live and breathe pictures and film! I named my company Rialto Weddings after proposing to my...

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Profile photo for Marcello Simeone

Marcello Simeone

Are you looking for a photographer who can capture your unique personality and make you look your...

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Profile photo for Axiom.Pictures Photography

Axiom.Pictures Photography

I have been taking photos for over 50 years and enjoy photography more now than ever. I enjoy...

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What's the difference between documentary wedding photography and the traditional style?

Candid wedding photography, often called candid photography or unobtrusive wedding photography focuses on documenting the wedding day with little interruption.  These style of photography involved trying to capture all the interesting, funny and often quirky moments during the day. Instead of trying to present your wedding day as a perfect, by-the-book fairy-tale wedding, the photographer tries to capture the raw essence of your wedding day in all it perfectly imperfect glory.

Is candid wedding photography the right wedding photography style for you?

With raw, documentary style wedding photography, you have less control of the shot. Choosing this type of photography is great if you are the type of person who enjoys the imperfections of yourself and your family and friends. Photographing weddings in a candid way does not mean that you’ll not look good in the photos or that they’ll not be flattering. But it does require some faith in the process and letting go of control.

The best way to find the right wedding photography style for you is to look at wedding photography portfolios mark down the ones that resonate with you. If you find yourself drawn to more raw, and often quirky wedding photos, and you can imagine yourself in these images, then you’ll probably enjoy having a photography document your wedding in this way.

Another consideration is how you want your photographer to interact with you and your guests on the day. Unobtrusive wedding photographers, as the name suggest, would usually not bother you much during the day. This means you can get on with you wedding day, having a blast with your wedding party while they discreetly snap away and capture real moments as they occur.

Personally, we’re big fans of this style of photography which brings a fresh approach and some unexpected results.

The appeal of documentary wedding photography

We might be a bit biased (ok, we are!), but we believe that the candid approach to wedding photography is a good way to bring out the uniqueness of you and your wedding.

The photo and vibe that come out of this style of photography really encompass the magic of your wedding day and your uniqueness as a group of individuals.

As opposed to the more formal types of photography, documentary wedding photography tends to show people in their true colours and character. If you want your photos to shine with the special vibe and atmosphere of the day, then documentary wedding photography is the way to go. Take the leap of faith, enjoy your day and know that whatever happens, you’re going to get photos that are true to your experience.

How the best documentary wedding photographers work

The work of a good documentary wedding photographer is quite delicate. On the one hand, they don’t direct much, don’t interfere and don’t manipulate what they see. At the same time, they bring their unique vision, aesthetic and personality to notice and capture the moments in the way they see them.

It’s a fine balance.  What’s interesting is that without interfering or changing the day, every photographer will see something different and bring their own visions and personality. Docu-wedding photos tell your story and the photographer is the storyteller. It’s a creative process which can result in some unexpected images.



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